Friday 17 July 2015

Pan-species List

The Tice's Meadow pan-species list is now available on this website (click on the link in the above menu).
This list shows every species recorded and reported at Tice's Meadow, sorted into taxonomical groups.

The total currently stands at 872 species.

This list is important as it provides us with a quantifiable measure of the biodiversity of the site and is a useful tool for the future protection and management of the site.

We are extremely indebted to all the people who visit Tice's Meadow and provide us with records of the species they've observed. A special thanks is due to Dr Jonty Denton for helping us identify and record a large proportion of the species on this list.

There are plenty of gaps that need filling. E.g Fungi & Earthworms.

Please help us increase the list by recording and reporting anything you see on site. Don't worry if you're not sure of the ID of any unusual species, send us a photo and we can help ID it.

You can contact us via Twitter (@TicesMeadow), email ( or Bird Forum (

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