Barn Owlet Update

After the nestbox camera broke, I've been monitoring the external camera to keep an eye on our owlet - this is difficult and time consuming as the juvenile Kestrels fidget alot at night and that sets the camera off.

This morning I got a bit suspicous - the male Barn Owl returned with food the other night but didn't enter the box - he sat there looking confused.

As we had our licensed ringers with us today, we had a quick peek in the nest box - it's empty!

The owlet is 59 days old - the RSPB state that Barn Owls usually fledge between 50 & 55 days - so he's on schedule. I'll keep searching for the moment he fledged, and keep an eye on the external camera as he may well return. Good luck in the big wide world young Barnie. And well done dad!

This is live, unedited footage of wildlife; at times, it is possible that there may be disturbing images of the natural world. These are wild creatures; our policy is to allow nature to play out without disruption or interference.

The following live web-cams are available to view, all mounted on the Kiln (Badshot Lea Village Hall):

Barn Owls

Kestrel Box 1

Outside View

We are grateful to Farnham Town Council and Hartley Contracting Services Limited, whose generous funding enabled this project to happen.


  1. WHY SO many cars in car park today.... Surely that will spook the birds....??

    1. It's an event - it didn't seem to bother the birds last year - they are used to nesting around humans. Last year the carpark was a building site with heavy machinery moving all day.

  2. Please why is the barn owl live feed not working.

    1. It's currently down for a while until we deal with the sad fact that only one owlet is left alive.

  3. Unfortunately 2 of the owlets passed away (tiny tiny one being the first and middle one second) very sad. So to minimise sight of the little birds they have turned the cameras off and they are waiting for things to clear up! I hope you understand. Many thanks