Sunday 5 November 2017

Wednesday October 18th - Sunday November 5th

Aviva Community Fund

We are pleased to announce that we were one of the first projects to receive 1,000 votes in the 2017 Aviva Community Fund competition. This means, subject to due diligence, we automatcally receive the £1,000 grant. A massive thank you to everyone who voted for us.

Pin Badges

Tice's Meadow Bird Group pin badges are now available.

25mm high quality, hard enamel pin badge with butterfly clutch fixing.

Strictly limited run of 100 badges. £4 each. £5 including postage & packing.

Available in person from Mark Elsoffer or Richard Horton.

Or, email if you'd like us to post one to you upon receipt of payment.

Cash, cheques, PayPal and BACS transfers accepted.

All profits go towards the Tice's Meadow Bird Group's work at Tice's Meadow.

Wednesday October 18th

No reports.

Thursday October 19th

No reports.

Friday October 20th

John Hunt reported 48 Lapwing, 13 Teal, 3 Wigeon, 5 Stonechat, 2 Chiffchaff, a Grey Wagtail, 2 Red Kite, 3 Kestrel and 2 Buzzard this afternoon.

Saturday October 21st

Dave Baker reported a Common Gull this morning.

(c) Dave Baker - Common Gull

Sunday October 22nd

Dave Baker reported a Yellowhammer this morning.

In addition, Richard Seargent reported 9 Gadwall, 9 Wigeon and a Chiffchaff this morning.

Monday October 23rd

No reports.

Tuesday October 24th

Mark Elsoffer reported a Chiffchaff, 2 Bullfinch, a Stonechat, 4 Kestrel and a Buzzard today.

24 volunteers, including members of the Blackwater Valley Tuesday Volunteers and the Blackwater Countryside Partnership's Rangers, met on site today for a work party. A large amount of willow was cut and burnt in the reed beds. Great work everyone!

(c) Murray Nurse - Work Party
(c) Murray Nurse - Work Party
(c) Murray Nurse - Work Party
(c) Mark Elsoffer - Work Party
(c) Mark Elsoffer - Work Party
(c) Mark Elsoffer - Work Party
(c) Mark Elsoffer - Dog Sick Slime Mold (Mucilago crustacea)

Wednesday October 25th

No reports.

Thursday October 26th

Mark Elsoffer reported a Jack Snipe, 2 Snipe, 10 Lapwing, 4 Teal, 2 Bullfinch, 4 Stonechat, 7 Skylark, 4 Redwing, a Kestrel, a Buzzard and a Peregrine today.

(c) Mark Elsoffer - Richard & Len Working
(c) Mark Elsoffer - Richard & Len Not Working

Friday October 27th

Richard Horton reported a Jack Snipe and 60+ Fieldfare this morning.

In addition, visiting birders reported 3 Barnacle Goose (over, presumed feral) this morning.

Barnacle Goose is the 139th species recorded on site this year.

(c) Susan Renaud - Stonechat
(c) Susan Renaud - Red Kite
(c) Susan Renaud - Common Darter
(c) Susan Renaud - Berries
(c) Susan Renaud - The Woods

Saturday October 28th

Mark Elsoffer reported a Green Sandpiper, 21 Lapwing, 3 Snipe, 2 Little Egret, 2 Shoveler, 4 Teal, 5 Wigeon, 11 Stonechat, 150+ Redwing, 300+ Fieldfare, 21 Skylark, 4 Siskin, 14 Lesser Redpoll, a Kingfisher, a Raven, 3 Buzzard, 2 Sparrowhawk, a Kestrel and a Red Kite this morning.

In addition, Dave Baker reported a Tufted Duck, a Dartford Warbler and a Chiffchaff this morning.

This is only the 6th recorded sighting of Dartford Warbler on site.

Dartford Warbler is the 140th species recorded on site this year.

The counts of 11 Stonechat, 300+ Fieldfare and 150+ Redwing are new site records.

Sunday October 29th

Dave Baker reported a Little Egret, 2 Common Gull, 12 Lesser Redpoll, 12 Redwing and a Chiffchaff this morning.

(c) John Hunt - Roe Deer
(c) John Hunt - Roe Deer

Monday October 30th

No reports.

Tuesday October 31st

John Hunt reported 2 Little Egret, 2 Shoveler, 30+ Linnet, 10+ Meadow Pipit, a Stonechat, 200 Redwing, 40 Fieldfare, a Red Kite, 3 Buzzard and a Kestrel this morning.

Wednesday November 1st

No reports.

Thursday November 2nd

No reports.

Friday November 3rd

Mark Elsoffer reported a Common Sandpiper, 85 Lapwing, 7 Snipe, 3 Teal, 3 Shoveler, 2 Gadwall, 2 Bullfinch, 12 Redwing, 6 Fieldfare, 3 Pheasant, 2 Raven, 2 Kestrel and 2 Red Kite today.

7 volunteers met on site this morning to cut and burn willow in our reed beds. Thank you everyone for your hard work.

(c) Mark Elsoffer - Work Party
(c) Mark Elsoffer - Work Party
(c) Mark Elsoffer - Snipe

Saturday November 4th

No reports.

Sunday November 5th

Richard Seargent reported a Wigeon, 4 Teal, 3 Stonechat, a Kingfisher, a Red Kite and a Sparrowhawk this morning.

(c) Tony George - Goldfinch
(c) Tony George - Siskin
(c) Tony George - Song Thrush
(c) Tony George - Sparrowhawk

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