Thursday 14 May 2020

Friday 1st May to Thursday 14th May

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Late News - Thursday 30th April

Richard Seargent: Lesser Whitethroat & 30 Swift.

Lesser Whitethroat is the 112th bird species recorded in 2020.

Friday 1st May

Leonard Winchcombe: 4 Green Sandpiper, Little Egret & 11 Great Crested Grebe.

5 food passes today for our kestrels, with the Male taking over incubation each time the female fed.

(c) Dina Burford - Great Crested Grebes
(c) Dina Burford - Orange-tips

Saturday 2nd May

The Kestrels continue to diligently incubate their eggs. 5 food passes by the Male today.

(c) Anthony George - Large Red Damselfly
(c) Anthony George - Large Red Damselfly
(c) Anthony George - Whitethroat
(c) Dina Burford - Brucie
(c) Simon Monk - Grass Snake

Sunday 3rd May

Dina Burford: Hobby.

Seven food passes today for the Kestrels. The female was spooked this evening by a nearby noise and flew out of the box to defend her nest. She returned shortly after.

(c) Dina Burford - Great Crested Grebes
(c) Simon Monk - Common Terns
(c) Simon Monk - Mallard Family

Monday 4th May

Chris Jackman: c100 Swift.

The male Kestrel brought back 6 meals for his mate today. The female spent almost 23 hours on the eggs.

(c) Dina Burford - Great Crested Grebes
(c) Dina Burford - Grey Wagtail
(c) Steve Hudson - View from Horton's Mound

Tuesday 5th May

Richard Seargent: St Mark's Fly (Bibio marci) - new species for site.

Six food passes by the male Kestrel today. The female took exception to a bird landing on the box roof and saw it off.

(c) Dina Burford - Bullfinch
(c) Dina Burford - Coot with Young
(c) Jane Twitchin - Slow Worm

(c) Colin Harvey - Sunset


Wednesday 6th May

Richard Horton: Common Sandpiper & Green Sandpiper.

A record count of 8 food passes by the male Kestrel today, who also spent a record 96 minutes incubating the eggs.


(c) David Wilcock - Red Kite
(c) Kyle Russell - Canada Geese
(c) Dina Burford - Canada Geese Family
(c) Dina Burford - Great Crested Grebe
(c) Dina Burford - Tufted Duck
(c) Kyle Russell - Aerial View of Site

Thursday 7th May

Richard Seargent: Common Sandpiper.

Great to see Great Tits nesting in the biodiverse roof of our shelter on Horton's Mound.

(c) Dina Burford

The male Kestrel smashed his brooding record again today with 3hrs 31mins on the eggs. He also brought back 5 meals for the female.

(c) Dina Burford - House Sparrow
(c) Dina Burford - Starling
(c) Sarah Lee - Grass Snake

Friday 8th May

Dina Burford: 2 Little Egret.

The Kestrels incubated their 5 eggs for 23 hours and 40 minutes today. 7 food passes by the male, who also spent almost 2 hours on the eggs.

(c) Simon Monk - Canada Geese Family
(c) Simon Monk - House Sparrow
(c) Simon Monk - Little Egret
(c) Dina Burford - Grey Heron

(c) Andy Glencross - Common Lizard
(c) Andy Glencross - Common Lizard
(c) Anthony George - Tree Bumblebee
(c) Anthony George - Blackcap
(c) Anthony George - Canada Goose
(c) Andy Glencross - Grass Snake

Saturday 9th May

The Kestrels continue to do a great job incubating their eggs - only uncovered for less than 20 minutes today. 6 food passes today.

(c) Dina Burford - Canada Geese
(c) Dina Burford - Great Crested Grebes

Sunday 10th May

Kevin Duncan: Pike (Esox lucius) - new species for site.

8 food passes by the male Kestrel today, with the eggs covered for 23.5 hours.

(c) Simon Monk - Broad-bodied Chaser
(c) Simon Monk - Robin
(c) Simon Monk - Song Thrush
(c) Kelly Wright - Greenfinch
(c) Kelly Wright - Mute Swan
(c) Dina Burford - Common Terns

Monday 11th May

5 food passes for our Kestrels today - the Male may have struggled hunting in the high winds. Eggs covered for 23.5 hours.

(c) Dina Burford - Horton's Mound
(c) Dina Burford - Silt Pond
(c) Steve Guthrie - Frog
(c) Steve Guthrie - Great Crested Grebe
(c) Steve Guthrie - Large White

Tuesday 12th May

Dina Burford: White Campion (Silene latofolia) & Black Slip Wasp (Pimpla rufipes) - both new species for site.

The male Kestrel spent 5hrs 23mins incubating the eggs today, almost 2 hours longer than his previous best. Eggs covered for all but 16 mins today. 4 food passes recorded. Suspect she was out hunting for herself.

(c) Dina Burford - Common Lizard
(c) Dina Burford - Black Slip Wasp
(c) Dina Burford - White Campion

Wednesday 13th May

Our kestrels continue to do a great job incubating their eggs - today they were only uncovered for 6 minutes. 5 food passes today.

Take a trip around Tice's Meadow with Daniel Cook:

(c) Beth Cook - Bullfinch
(c) Beth Cook - Dunnock
(c) Dina Burford - Chiffchaff
(c) Dina Burford - Coots
(c) Dina Burford - Dunnock
(c) Simon Monk - Great Crested Grebe
(c) Simon Monk - Juvenile Starling
(c) David Glew - Bullfinch
(c) David Glew - Shrew

Thursday 14th May

Our Barn Owls are still sitting on only 3 eggs, 23 days since the first was laid. Typically 4 to 6 eggs are laid over 8 to 21 days, but 3 is not unheard of. If all goes well, the first egg is due to hatch May 22nd.

(c) John Hunt - Sand Martin
(c) Dina Burford - Blackbird
(c) Dina Burford - The Herd

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