Sunday 10 November 2019

Monday October 28th - Sunday November 10th

Save Tice's Meadow

As you may know, Tice's Meadow Nature Reserve is being sold by landowners Hanson.

The fight to save Tice's Meadow is on the front page of this week's Farnham Herald:

Our MP Jeremy Hunt hosted a meeting with Hanson, Farnham Town Council & Waverley Borough Council. It appears they have been given 3 weeks to put a bid together.


There is an online petition that we are encouraging members of the public to sign to express their concerns to Hanson over the future of the site:…
Thank you for your support.

2018 Annual Report

Our 2018 Annual Report is now on sale.

£15 for a full colour, glossy, 140 page A4 report. All profits will be spent on our work at Tice's Meadow Nature Reserve.

The report is much more than a list of the birds seen, it includes all of the site's wildlife, and is a record of all the work we did on site in 2018.

You can collect in person from Richard Horton, or we can post it to you (+ £2 p&p). Please DM or email us to place an order.

Once we've sold all 60 copies, we will release a free lower-res pdf for all to read.

Volunteer Work Parties

Our schedule for the next 3 months:

Monday October 28th

Andy Trethewey: Ring-necked Parakeet.

10th site record of Ring-necked Parakeet, first since 19/10/18. 142nd species recorded in 2019.

(c) Andy Glencross - Grass Snake

Tuesday October 29th

Richard Seargent: 2 Barn Owl (in the box on the Kiln, with 1 hunting over the meadow).

Murray Nurse: 9 PINK-FOOTED GOOSE.

Pending acceptance: First site record of Pink-footed Goose - 194th species recorded on site. 143rd species recorded in 2019. "Less than 12 records for Surrey".

(c) Daniel Cook - Autumnal Leaves
(c) Daniel Cook - Mute Swan
(c) Dina Burford - Grey Wagtail

(c) Mike Young - Grey Squirrel

Wednesday October 30th

(c) Dina Burford - Kingfisher

Thursday October 31st

No reports.

Friday November 1st

No reports.

(c) Mark Elsoffer - The Newly Fenced-in Hide
(c) Mark Elsoffer - Jeremy Hunt MP & Councillors

Saturday November 2nd

No reports.

Sunday November 3rd

John Hunt: Goosander.

Mark Elsoffer: Green Sandpiper, 3 Snipe, Kingfisher & Peregrine.

Dave Baker: Mediterranean Gull.

13th site record of Goosander, last recorded 14/02/19.

A big thanks to the 12 volunteers who finished off snagging the new hide today. The hide is now open to the public, we hope everyone enjoys using it.

(c) Simon Monk - Great Crested Grebe
(c) Simon Monk - Tufted Duck
(c) Mark Elsoffer - Volunteer Work Party
(c) Mark Elsoffer - Volunteer Work Party
(c) Mark Elsoffer - Volunteer Work Party
(c) Mark Elsoffer - Volunteer Work Party
(c) Mark Elsoffer - Volunteer Work Party

Monday November 4th

No reports.

Tuesday November 5th

John Hunt: 2 Green Sandpiper & 2 Snipe.

(c) John Hunt - The New Hide
(c) John Hunt - View from the New Hide
(c) Dina Burford - Cormorant
(c) Dina Burford - Little Grebes

Wednesday November 6th

(c) Daniel Cook - Coot
(c) Daniel Cook - Mute Swan
(c) Susan Renaud - Bullfinch
(c) Susan Renaud - Buzzard
(c) Mike Young - Meadow Pipit
(c) Mike Young - Red Admiral
(c) Mike Young - Teal

Thursday November 7th

Mark Elsoffer: Green Sandpiper, Dunlin, 100 Lapwing & Peregrine.

Our volunteers put up (yesterday) and took down (today) a marquee for the pupils of Badshot Lea Infants School to use as part of National Outdoor Classroom Day.

(c) Badshot Lea Infants School - Outdoor Classroom Day
(c) Dina Burford - Great Crested Grebe
(c) Dina Burford - Nuthatch
(c) Daniel Cook - Black-headed Gulls
(c) Daniel Cook - Grey Heron
(c) Daniel Cook - Stonechat
(c) Daniel Cook - Mute Swan
(c) Jason Davies - Buzzard

Friday November 8th

Daniel Cook: Green Sandpiper.

(c) Daniel Cook - Blue Tit
(c) Daniel Cook - Green Sandpiper
(c) Daniel Cook - Mute Swan

Saturday November 9th

Phil Hughes: Dunlin & Snipe.

Richard Seargent: MONTAGU'S HARRIER.

First site record of Montagu's Harrier - 195th species recorded on site. 144th species recorded in 2019. 16 vice-county records in total since 1900. Latest Surrey record is 11 November 1946.

An adult male Montagu’s Harrier flew low east over south end of The Workings c.09:20 towards the Hog’s Back. Then an adult male Montagu’s Harrier (presumed same bird) flew east over Brickfields Farm, Loseley c.10:10 (E Stubbs). Then a probable grey harrier (likely Montagu’s) flew east over Chilworth c.11:00 as seen from moving car (M Lincott).

Thank you to the 17 volunteers who turned up for our work party this morning. We finished off a few jobs on the new path, and started to cut back the trees along the track.

(c) Richard Seargent - Montagu's Harrier
(c) Dina Burford - Snipe
(c) Dina Burford - Tufted Duck

(c) Phil Fiddes - Rat
(c) Mark Elsoffer - Volunteer Work Party
(c) Mark Elsoffer - Volunteer Work Party
(c) Mark Elsoffer - Volunteer Work Party
(c) Mark Elsoffer - Volunteer Work Party
(c) Mark Elsoffer - Richard's Birthday
(c) Mark Elsoffer - Richard's Birthday
(c) Mark Elsoffer - Richard's Birthday
(c) Mark Elsoffer - A Busy Hide

Sunday November 10th

Richard Seargent: Dunlin.

Simon Monk: Kingfisher & Pheasant.

Dave Baker: Grey Plover, Goldeneye (fem), 6 Little Egret & Peregrine.

8th site record of Grey Plover, last recorded 09/05/17. 145th species recorded in 2019.

4th site record of Goldeneye, last recorded 18/03/18. 146th species recorded in 2019.

(c) Dave Baker - Goldeneye
(c) Simon Monk - Common Darter
(c) Simon Monk - Kingfisher
(c) Simon Monk - Little Egret
(c) Simon Monk - Peregrine
(c) Simon Monk - Pheasant
(c) Simon Monk - Reed Bunting
(c) Kev Campbell - Goldeneye
(c) Kev Campbell - Blue Tit
(c) Kev Campbell - Goldeneye
(c) Jason Davies - Grey Heron
(c) Jason Davies - Roe Deer
(c) Jason Davies - Stonechat

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