Thursday 18 February 2021

Hampshire, Surrey & Berkshire Borders Bird Report

For the past twenty-seven years, a dedicated team of volunteers have conducted an annual Christmas survey of the birds to be found in the Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire border area.

This year's survey included a coordinated count across forty-nine water bodies on December 28th, recording 7,813 waterbirds, of thirty-five species.

The 2020-21 Report can be downloaded from this link - a great read.

The report's author has highlighted the importance of Tice's Meadow Nature Reserve to the local area's bird life, with the site ranking first for species diversity (twenty-eight species), and second for number of birds present (975).

Thanks to all of the surveyors who donate their time, and to Dr Alan Cox of the Hampshire Ornithological Society for writing the report.

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