Sunday 15 September 2019

Monday September 2nd to Sunday September 15th

Site Sale

As revealed in the local press, Tice's Meadow is for sale. We've been advised to not say anything beyond this statement for now.

The Estate Agent's details can be read here.

Blackwater River Festival

We're excited to be taking part in the Blackwater River Festival (between September 21st & 29th) - a week of activities across the Blackwater Valley being run by the Blackwater Valley Countryside Trust.

We're hosting a guided walk, moth trapping evening & river work party - all free public activities:
Full details here can be found here:


Monday September 2nd

(c) Colin Varndell - Cattle by the Workings

Tuesday September 3rd

(c) Colin Varndell - Canada Geese
(c) Colin Varndell - Starlings
(c) Ben Fitzcosta - Four-spotted Weaver Spider

Wednesday September 4th

Colin Varndell: Kingfisher.

(c) Philip Artois - Wasp Spider
(c) Colin Varndell - Footballer Hoverfly

Thursday September 5th

(c) Dina Burford - Common Darter
(c) Dina Burford - Geese

Friday September 6th

Mark Elsoffer: 6 Common Sandpiper, Dunlin, 3 Little Egret, Bar-headed Goose (escape), 2 Swallow, 10 Sand Martin & 150 House Martin.

A momentous day as our new bird hide arrived this morning. It's currently in an out-of-bounds area, and will be moved into place in a few weeks time.

(c) Mark Elsoffer - The Hide Arrives
(c) Mark Elsoffer - The Hide Arrives
(c) Mark Elsoffer - Testing out the Hide
(c) Mark Elsoffer - The Hide
(c) Colin Varndell - Grey Heron
(c) Colin Varndell - Grey Heron

Saturday September 7th

Richard Seargent: 2 Common Sandpiper, Green Sandpiper, Little Egret, Little Grebe, 3 Stonechat, Whinchat, 2 Willow Warbler & 2 Peregrine.

(c) Dina Burford - Jay
(c) Simon Monk - Goldfinch (juvenile)

Sunday September 8th

We were happy to support the Farnham Pilgrim Marathon today by proving a crack team of highly trained marshals for this event that raises so much money for local good causes.

(c) Mark Elsoffer - The Marshals
(c) Mark Elsoffer - The Water Station Crew

(c) Colin Varndell - Blackcap
(c) Colin Varndell - Blue Tit
(c) Colin Varndell - Dunnock
(c) Colin Varndell - Long-tailed Tit

(c) Simon Monk - Canada Geese

(c) Samuel Sayer - Wasp Spider

Monday September 9th

Richard Horton: 2 Cattle Egret.

Today's Cattle Egrets are the 3rd record for site (2nd this year) and the 10th record for Surrey (9th in the past 2 years).

Tuesday September 10th

(c) Kyle Russell - Bird's Eye View of the Workings

Wednesday September 11th

No reports.

Thursday September 12th

John Hunt: Common Sandpiper, 120 Greylag Goose, 2 Whinchat, 3 Stonechat & Swift.

Mark Elsoffer: Little Egret, Bar-headed Goose (escape) & 2 Peregrine (female & juvenile).

Today's Swift is the latest ever recorded on site, beating the old record by 2 days.

We held a productive meeting on site today with our partners from the Blackwater Valley Countryside Partnership and the Surrey Amphibian & Reptile Group. Lots of work was agreed on for the next few months.

(c) Mark Elsoffer - The Reptile Habitat Management Committee
(c) Dina Burford - Spitfire & P51 Mustang
(c) Colin Varndell - Canada Geese
(c) Colin Varndell - Kestrel
(c) Colin Varndell - Kestrel

Friday September 13th

Mark Elsoffer: Green Sandpiper, 5 Snipe, Peregrine & Hobby.

Moth trapping this evening saw 43 moths trapped, of 18 species, with the following new for site:
- Orange Sallow (Tiliacea citrago).
- Single-dotted Wave (Idaea dimidiata).
- Smoky-barred Marble (Lobesia abscisana) (TBC).

Moth Trapping Results
(c) Richard Seargent - Moth Trapping

Saturday September 14th

Steve Minhinnick: Common Sandpiper & 2 Peregrine.

Carey Lodge found a new species for site today:  
- Hawthorn Button-top Gall Midge (Dasineura crataegi).

Many thanks to the 13 volunteers who turned up for our work party this morning. We cleaned all of the bird feeders and cut back along the paths. Great to have the 3 boys doing their DofE Award back after the school holidays.

(c) Mark Elsoffer - The Volunteers at Work
(c) Mark Elsoffer - The Volunteers at Work
(c) Mark Elsoffer - The Volunteers at Work
(c) Mark Elsoffer - The Volunteers at Work
(c) Carey Lodge - Hawthorn Button-top Gall Midge
(c) Colin Varndell - Blue Tit
(c) Colin Varndell - Chiffchaff
(c) Colin Varndell - Dunnock

(c) Simon Monk - Grey Heron

(c) Colin Varndell - Greylag Geese
(c) Colin Varndell - Mute Swans

Sunday September 15th

Peter Brown: Green Sandpiper & Snipe.

(c) Colin Varndell - Long-tailed Tit
(c) Colin Varndell - Sunrise at Tice's
(c) Colin Varndell - Sunrise at Tice's
(c) Richard Seargent - Broad-leaved Helleborine

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