Saturday 25 March 2017

Operation McGregor

Over the past few months you may have heard whispered rumours of "Operation McGregor" and secret plans that have been in motion for Tice's Meadow.

Today we can announce what is hopefully going to be a landmark project for the Tice's Meadow Bird Group which will help meet our stated aims of improving the habitats on site and encouraging & educating visitors to the reserve.

We are building a shelter on top of Horton's Mound made from a converted second-hand shipping container. The shelter will have a state-of-the-art bio-diverse green roof, internal seating & noticeboards, and external invertebrate habitat panels & bird boxes. The shelter will have step-free access for wheelchairs/buggies.

We hope that the shelter will both improve the visitor experience at Tice's Meadow and provide a valuable new habitat for wildflowers, invertebrates and birds.

Some examples of similar shelters can be seen below:

Today we took delivery of our converted shipping container which has had one wall removed and a steel pillar fitted to support the roof. The container, conversion work and delivery was paid for with the money we raised from the Aviva Community Fund contest - thank you to everyone who voted!

Over the coming weeks and months we have alot of work to do.

The first task is to paint the container with green metal paint. We are holding a work party to do this on Satuday April 1st at 9am. If you would like to help out, please email us at or speak to one of the members of the Tice's Meadow Bird Group for details.

If you would like to help us complete this ambitious project please keep an eye out for further announcements or get in touch.

Once again, thank you to everyone who voted for us in the Aviva Community Fund contest and thank you to everyone who has contributed to this project so far.

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