Tuesday 26 May 2015

Monday May 25th

Late News From Yesterday

The pair of Little Ringed Plovers that had been nesting in the Meadow successfully hatched 2 chicks. News of the nesting of this protected species had been supressed for their own protection until hatching.

(c) Dave Baker, Little Ringed Plover

Monday May 25th

On a quiet day on the bird front, Dave Baker did some insect hunting.

(c) Dave Baker

(c) Dave Baker, Spiderlings

(c) Dave Baker

(c) Dave Baker

(c) Dave Baker, Burnet Companion Moth (Euclidia glyphica)

(c) Dave Baker, Hoverfly (Chrysotoxum cautum)

(c) Dave Baker, Longhorn Moth (Nemophora degeerella)

Unfortunately, one of the Little Ringed Plover chicks has disappeared - assumed to have been predated by the corvids.

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